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Spring landscaping is another exciting part of starting a new year.

You’ll want to check planting new flowers off your spring bucket list!

So, what’s the secret to growing the prettiest flowers?

Continue reading to discover the top 10 best flowers that bloom in the spring for your backyard garden to flourish this year.

1. Pansy

One of the first flowers to start planting, this year, during the springtime is the pansy.

This early-season flower loves the cooler temperatures to really blossom over the course of the springtime season. Pansies prefer window boxes, so treat them to a spot overlooking your backyard through your kitchen window.

2. Tulips

Another wonderful flower to plant in your garden is tulips. These flowers love to soak up full sunshine every day.

Keep them hydrated and planted in well-drained soil for optimal growth this year. Tulips can reach up to 2 ft tall.

Plant a mix of various tulips for the best results, too. Tulip bulbs come in so many colors to choose from, so why not grow purples, yellows, and pinks at the same time!

Your fabulous garden will look colorful and vibrant this springtime once you plant various tulips.

3. Allium

Want an explosion of color in your garden?

Add some magnificent alliums to attract buzzing butterflies and bees. Thier mauve-purple coloring offer individuality to your garden oasis.

These flowers that bloom in the spring are easy to grow, too. Simply plant them in light sandy soil that allows them plenty of sunshine.

4. Hydrangeas

One of the most exquisite flowers to have in your garden is hydrangeas.

These flowers love moist soils and plenty of sunshine with a mix of shade cover in the afternoon.

Dig large enough holes in the ground during the spring season in order to keep your hydrangeas happy and healthy for years to come. Hydrangeas are perennials that re-bloom during the summer months.

5. Azaleas

Azaleas love to thrive in areas with moist soil and partial shade. Azaleas are low-maintenance flowers which do not require much effort to grow. These blooms will take off and are versatile for creating a beautiful landscape along the outskirts of your house.

6. Daffodils are Flowers that Bloom in the Spring

Pretty yellow daffodils require a lot of sunlight and moist soil.

Looking to add some flowers that bloom in the spring to your woodland gardens?

Choose something as cheerful as daffodils to diversify your current arrangement of spring blooms.

These flowers can become the border to outline the rest of your woodland gardens, too. They offer such a vibrancy to the look of your garden landscape, and we know all your neighbors will envy your backyard once these flowers flourish over time.

7. Yellow Trillium

Consider planting yellow trillium in your garden as these flowers are noted for their gorgeous white-yellow colors.

In comparison to the other types of flower species we’ve discussed in this article, these flowers love to be in the shade. Make sure they have plenty of shade with moist well-drained soil all year round.

8. Lilac

Need to sweeten up the smell of your garden?

Plant lilacs in full sunlight for optimal growth, as these flowers can become tall trees in no time, some can even tower at close to 20 ft.

9. Bluestar

Bluestar flowers can transform over the year from lovely periwinkle blue into a golden yellow in the fall.

Enjoy the best of both seasons of the year after you plant some elegant bluestars in your garden.

10. Double Rock Rose

One final flower pick is the double rock rose.

Take your garden to the next level once you plant these flowers that offer a display of bright pink petals.

These vivacious double rock rose blooms do not show up under late-spring, but they certainly are worth the wait.

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